Healer Teacher Plant

Since living in Marbella, people around me sometimes ask, “You’re from Amsterdam, don’t you miss the Coffeeshops?” and to be honest, I don’t. I never was a weed smoker and there was a point in my life that I was actually against it.

But since I’ve become a “Marbella Housewife,” I have started to read up on the health benefits of this ancient sacred healer teacher plant and I have a very special story to share with you.

Someone very close to me has a son. Six months after he was born he developed a fever resulting in a convulsion and an epileptic attack.

His son had a cold that day. After his afternoon nap, he became very quiet and absent. Before my friend knew what was happening, his son’s body stated to shake and this continued for three very long minutes. Eventually he rolled his eyes, stopped breathing, turned blue and he lost consciousness.  My friend, who wasn’t familiar with fever seizures, took him out of his seat, ran into the street and while holding the lifeless body of his son in arms, he screamed for help.

A neighbour took them both to the hospital where his son was examined. Apparently he had suffered from a fever seizure. They prescribed Diazepam 5mg and then sent them home.

In the two years that followed, his son had to recover from twelve fever seizures. He had been checked for epilepsy and fortunately that test came out negative. But there was nothing the doctors could do to prevent the seizures from happening again.

One day his mum talked to a friend. He told her to watch the CNN documentary “Weed” It was about a little girl who suffered from severe epilepsy.  She was having over 300 seizures a week and was on a lot of toxic medication.

They then discovered that CBD, the non-psychedelic component of cannabis, was helping to prevent seizures from happening.  My friends watched the documentary and ordered CBD online and as soon as their son’s temperature rose just a little, they gave their son a tiny drop. And you may guess what happened next.

The little boy never got a fever seizure again. Except for once, when they were on holiday and didn’t bring the CBD oil with them.

Photocredit by Marco Jimenez Unsplash

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