The Osteopathic Physician

My son was born in less than 5 hours. He was big. While in labour his shoulder got stuck and the medical staff had to pull him out. A week later he started crying. It was non-stop.

He had very bad reflux and the doctor prescribed my newborn anti-reflux medication for a two year old. He said that he had no other choice.

Two months went by and the reflux got a bit better, but the crying drove me crazy. I went to see my doctor again. He sent me to a physiotherapist specialising in children. She listened to my story, checked him and told me I should visit an osteopathic physician. She gave me the phone number of someone she knew.

I got an appointment with Adinda, osteopathic physician the week after. She told me Matthijs had tension in his neck, probably caused by the labour. According to her, my son had been in constant pain since birth. She decided to gently massage his neck twice, for 20 minutes each time.

The results were astonishing. The crying stopped, and the reflux also stopped. My son turned out to be a very happy and contented little baby.

I went back to the doctor and I told him my amazing story. He said that other patients had told him osteopathy worked for their crying babies too. I asked him why he never recommended it to me and instead prescribed that toxic medicine (I didn’t say that last bit out loud). He told me that he wasn’t allowed to tell me about alternative therapies.

Luckily I’m able to.

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