Vegetable juicing

Do you ever make yourself a vegetable juice in the morning? I do and I just love it! When I tell people that I juice, two very common responses are; “But there is no fiber in juice!” and “What about all that sugar?”. These are two huge misconceptions when it comes to juicing.

I’ll start with fiber. What is fiber? Fiber is a substance in fruits and vegetables that can not be digested. Other substances like vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, enzymes and bioflavonoids are used by our body in various chemical functions. Fiber has no part in any of that. Its function is to support our digestive system. And it fills us up more.
Let’s say you’re doing a juice detox and your juices contain lots of fiber, there is a chance you might get too much fiber, if you know what I’m saying…

And fiber is filling you up. With emptiness. Wouldn’t it be better to fill that space with minerals, antioxidants, living enzymes and vitamins? And in the meanwhile give your digestive system a break?

I hear you think, ok, but what about the sugar? Well, there is a big difference between refined sugar and sugar that’s hidden fruits, vegetables and nuts. The sugar in fruits, vegetables and nuts is the fuel for our brain and for our muscles. Yes for our muscles too.

Animal protein is an outdated believe system. Did you know that the chicken, beef and pork on your plate only contain protein because the cow, the chicken and the pig ate PLANTS that contain protein?! I invite you to watch the documentary Gamechangers  for some scientific evidence if you don’t believe me. But be careful, watching it could be a real gamechanger!

The key of juicing, in my opinion, is combining apples, lemon and ginger in every combination of vegetables. With these three ingredients, you will make (almost) every combination equally delicious.

Juicing is an amazing way to get all the vital nutrients in your body quick and easy. A well known expression is: “If you can’t eat it, drink it!”. If you don’t feel like doing a multiple day juice detox, you could try to replace one or two meals a day with a vegetable juice. That way it will become more of a habit, which is good!

And think about this; who can eat two stems of broccoli, two apples, one beetroot, one small lemon, 2 inches of ginger, a celery stick, 1/2 bellpepper, five carrots and a handful of cabbage for breakfast? Me. And hopefully you too soon ♥

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