Lifestyle or Habits?

If you’ve decided to start your own journey towards a happier and healthier life, you might feel a little lost in the beginning. That is completely normal, because where do you start? It is not just a diet we’re talking about here, this is a change of lifestyle.

The most difficult things to change in life are those things you do without thinking. And those are:

Your habits

In the book “The power of Habit” I’ve learned why it is so difficult to change our habits. New actions (which aren’t already habbits) uses a lot of brainpower and your brain finds it difficult to think of anything else whilst performing these new actions. Therefore, your brain will try to make actions into routines (habits) as soon as possible.

You can compare your actions or thoughts with a stream of water flowing to the sea. The water searches out the way of least resistance. Once there is a path, the water will always flow along that path to the sea starting with the first drop, or in this case from our first thought or feeling.

If you want to change your habits, you have to prevent ‘the stream’ from joining that path. The only way you can make that happen is to create a new path (new habit). The “digging out” of this new route will cost you a lot of time and effort because the old path is very appealing for the water to enter. Awareness is the key to succes here.

Why am I telling you all this? Because your lifestyle is a collection of habits. In order to change your lifestyle you have to change your habits. Therefore, you need to know what your bad habits and weak spots are. The best way to figure this out is to do a (at least) 3 day juice detox.

During this juice detox, you will discover a new part of yourself. All the addictions and weaknesses you have will show themselves. It is possible that you find yourself looking in every cupboard for cookies at 16:00 when you’re having your tea. Bang; habit!

After three days of juicing your mind and body will clear up and you’ll have all the insights you need to start your new journey. Don’t forget to make sure that you’ve got a good alternative for the cookies you had with your tea though.

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