A little background story

Three years ago my husband and I moved with our two kids and a our lovely cat (r.i.p) to the south of Spain for his job. Having been an independent interior designer for 10 years I decided to quit and become what we often jokingly refer to as a ‘Marbella Housewife’.

The first year was all about settling in, making friends and making sure the kids were happy at school. It was also about finding my way in the world of food, restaurants and supermarkets around here.

My interest in food grew, as did my interest in orthomolecular medicine and nutrition. Excitingly, now being a ‘Marbella Housewife’, I finally had time to read up on all this amazing stuff!

This year will be our third year in Spain and I’ve come to realize that I really want to share my story, knowledge and experiences with you.

I started a course and in another year (or two) I hope to be able to give people nutritional and supplemental advice to help them improve their health and therfore their quality of life. After all, that’s what we all deserve to be; happy and healthy.

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