♥ Healthy recipes

In the summer of 2017 I decided to give up meat.

I never was a big meat eater but after seeing the documentary Forks over Knives, What the Health and Cowspiracy I just knew it. I DO NOT want to be part of all this. Not for myself, not for the animals, nore for the planet. So, I turned to a plantbased lifestyle.

With this decision a lifetime of habits needed to shift and that, ofcourse, took time. And dedication. And an explanation (to the people around me who didn’t understand). I did a lot of trial and error on recipes and my lovely husband supported me with every bite.

Here, I will share my favorite plantbased recipes with you. To inspire you en help you find your way! Do you want more? Follow me on Instagram: @passionate_healing

Potato “Pizza”

Vegan Italian Paella

Courgetti all’Arrabiata (with spinach)

Tomato Soup (my kids love this!)

Mango Pepper Rice Salad (with ginger, garlic and limejuice)

Nori Veggie Roll

Apple “Porridge”

Rice Paper Rolls